Dancing in Florida’s hottest secret nightclub, I can forget who I am and what I’m running from.

But then there’s him. Stripping me out of my clothes, my lies, and my secrets.

Billionaire Damien Black is a smug arrogant player. At least, by the looks of it. But the truth often lies behind a mask, doesn’t it?



Fate has its ways of bringing two stray souls together.

I knew she’d be my downfall from the start. She’s a smart, beautiful vixen with the biggest heart and an even bigger secret…and I’m her boss.

I broke all my rules for her but she’s making a habit of running away from me. Now, I’m going to peel her layer by layer until I’m so deep in her heart she’ll never escape me.


Two people in a world of deceit. Fighting for love against it all.

But when the past catches up with us, can we find our real faces in this masquerade?

Masquerade is a full-length steamy contemporary romance with a twist of suspense. It’s the first book in the Masquerade series and can be read as a standalone.


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